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DIY Holiday Gift Boxes

by - 9:00 AM

DIY Holiday Gift Boxes

You will need:
-Square paper (I am using 12 x 12)
-Festive Ribbon
-Gift Box Punch Board that you can purchase HERE

Here is the gift box punch board by Stampin' Up. This is the key to making these adorable boxes! 

1. Use the chart to make sure you have the right dimensions for whatever size you need. I made the XL box with the 12x12 paper.
2. Use the tool provided with the board to make the right creases to make the box.
3. The board comes with instructions on how to correctly punch and crease the paper and I recommend following that!
4. Tie a cute bow on the box with any ribbon of your choice

These make as cute decorations and a cute way to hand out to gifts to friends and family.
I purchased the glitter paper and the ribbons from Walmart.

Happy Holidays!

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