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Montage Deer Valley & City Fashion Girl | Independence Day Weekend

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Thank you Montage Deer Valley for inviting me to stay at your beautiful 5 star resort in Park City, Utah for the 4th of July Weekend! The little gifts, excellent service by the staff, amenities, food, views, and room were all amazing!

This resort is ideal in the winter if you want a luxurious and relaxing experience after a day of winter sports such as skiing! The suites all come with fire places, balconies to see the amazing mountain view, comfortable beds, giant bathrooms, and robes. But the hotel room itself is not even the best part. This hotel is like it's own little city with 3 restaurants, a coffee shop, ski lifts, indoor bowling alley (yes, you read that right), an arcade, indoor & outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, spa with about 30 treatment rooms, gift shops, yoga studio, fitness center, hot tubs, gourmet and home made s'mores, and many balconies to enjoy the view!

This catalog has so much info about the hotel and things to do!

My bed which was SO comfy btw

Fireplace + balcony

A sweet hand written card, fiji water, and fruit bowl! YUM! Thanks Dan :)

The bathroom... Yes, I took a relaxing bath that night and yes, I wore my comfy robe nonstop.

I ate at a delicious burger place located in the hotel. The fries were my favorite part! What a better way to celebrate Independence Day than with burgers and fries?! #murica

This Spa was hands down the BEST Spa I have ever been to! Lots of options to pamper myself as well as tea and snacks in the women's lounge.

K. This has to be my favorite part. Gourmet S'mores. I am not kidding. They had different types of chocolate to choose from, graham crackers, and all sorts of flavors of marshmallows! (Caramel, Mocha, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Vanilla)

This was my caramel one! (insert heart-eyed emoji here)

Fun fact: It was raining at the pool. But the staff was still amazing and these pool chairs were SO comfy! I could take a nap here.

Enjoyed my morning cup of coffee which was also amazing. No surprise since everything in this place is top notch.

I invited my mom and step dad to come because they are usually taking my photos & videos LOL. But how cute are they?!

The rain made everything more peaceful...

This view though.

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Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more hotel reviews! Love you all so much and this wouldn't have been possible without everyone's support!

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