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Solo Female Travel Guide: Shanghai, China

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Solo Female Travel Guide: 

Shanghai, China

Want to solo travel in Shanghai, China? Then read this guide on my solo travel experience here.
I spent only a few days in China. I was in Shanghai twice because my roundtrip airfare from SLC to Asia was through here. I paid about $700ish USD for my RT flights which is a steal! The catch is the expensive (and required) visa that you MUST have in advance before the trip. Read more here about the rules and requirements before entering the country.

I packed extremely light for this trip. The lighter the better because that meant less things for me to worry about and remember to carry. Let alone that I don't have the best back muscles in the world so I didn't want to have to carry more than I could handle. All I packed was this Osprey backpack (similar here) which my parents kindly got me as a christmas gift, (Thanks mom if you're reading this!) a small satchel purse from Baggalini, and a neck pillow. It was SO easy to carry everything. I could walk miles without ever complaining.


I surprisingly didn't eat a lot while I was here. Mainly because I was afraid of getting sick and I already packed so many snacks in my backpack that I didn't feel the need to get food that often. Although I really did enjoy the Chinese dumplings that I had. I often went to McDonalds too because I was familiar with their menu and it was a somewhat safe option for me. What I found adorable though is that McDonalds sold Macarons. I may have gotten those a few times... ;) I do wish I adventured out a little more with the food however. 


One of my favorite things that I like to do while solo traveling (or anytime) is sipping on a cocktail with a good view. This was my first experience with that so I wanted to go to one of the sky bars that Shanghai had to offer. I went to Flair Rooftop Bar and got exactly what I wished for.

If you want a good view of the city from ground level I recommend going to The Bund. It's a nice wide open area on the other side of the river. There is a ferry that can take you across to the other side.

The Yu Yuan Gardens was exactly like something you would imagine seeing in China. The gorgeous architecture, atmosphere, Chinese writings, ponds, and plants. It is very easy to find and get to.

The Old French Concession is like it's own little hidden city in Shanghai. It took me forever to find because it was not where I was expecting. I remember when I used Google Maps on my iPhone to get directions I received a verbal notification letting me know that I was here. It didn't seem right to me because I didn't see anything except for this one little alleyway that looked like it led nowhere. I decided to go in anyways and BOOM there was a whole little city just hidden in the alleyways. There was a lot to see and a lot of cute little shops to stop by in.

Shanghai at night is very beautiful. I prefer it over the day time. The Oriental Pearl tower was my favorite night time sight because it lit up in different colors! I felt pretty safe walking around too.

Sometimes when I travel it's not always about the tourist attractions. Sometimes I just wanted to walk around in normal areas where the locals live and observe the surroundings. The architecture was truly amazing and unlike anything I've ever seen before.

This was my very last photo that I took in China before I headed back to the states. I was exhausted but my heart was also full with unforgettable memories. Striking a peace sign because #asia.

DOs & DON'Ts

-Get a visa in advance before your trip
-Try the food
-Check the weather
-Go on TripAdvisor for tourist attraction recommendations
-Take public transit instead of Taxis
-Learn how to say hello and thank you in Chinese
-Get a VPN service on your devices since most websites are blocked in China. (Facebook, Google, Youtube, ect.) I used this one.

-Take a taxi. I got scammed.
-Trust ANYONE. They just want your money.
-Walk alone at night on Nanjing Road
-Talk bad about their Government and Communist Party. Respect their country.
-Go to ANY tea ceremonies. I was well aware of the Shanghai Tea Scam before my trip. Read more about it here. I've been approached at least three times to go to a "Traditional Tea Ceremony." DO NOT fall for it.

I took the metro and walked by foot everywhere. I personally enjoyed it very much. It was cheap, safe, easy to navigate, and fun because I got to see more of the city. The ONE time I took a taxi, I got scammed a lot of money.

I stayed at this hostel. I'm normally not too picky where I stay and this was my very first hostel experience. But if you want to have a room to yourself then you are very lucky because the hotels in Shanghai are very affordable. You could stay at a 5 star for as little as $80 a night. (At least that's what the prices were when I looked)

This was an amazing trip and if you want to watch my vlogs about it, then please make sure you thumbs up the videos! Have a great day and happy travels! :)

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