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Solo Female Travel Guide: Singapore

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Solo Female Travel Guide: 

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore has always been a wish of mine to visit. I was lucky enough to finally make it happen. It's amazing how small yet how populated this country is. It reminds me a lot of American cities except Singapore has a very strong Asian culture and the climate is very tropical. The skyscrapers were amazing and I really enjoyed exploring it. I also felt very safe as a solo female traveler here. I never felt threatened and I was pleased to know that the crime rate is almost none. I have always wanted to visit The Lion City and finally got to see it in person! Singapore is the safest country I have ever been to so traveling as a woman was pretty easy and stress-free.

My little pod that I stayed in.

Breakfast buffet.

The shared room with the pods.

I stayed at The Pod Hostel in Singapore. Probably my favorite one so far because I received 5 star quality for a hostel price. I really enjoyed the friendly staff, complimentary breakfast buffet, and the comfortable pods. I definitely recommend staying here!

Arab Street.

Sultan Mosque.

Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

 Helix Bridge.

Gardens By The Bay.

Supertree Light Show.

The Merlion.

For the best view of the city, check out the 63rd floor at the sky bar, 1-Altitude. The cover charge comes with a complimentary drink!


Singapore is pretty diverse with their food options. You can find almost anything here!

I took theMRT and walked by foot everywhere. I personally enjoyed it very much. It was cheap, safe, easy to navigate, and fun because I got to see more of the city.

DOs & DON'Ts

-Try the food
-Go on TripAdvisor for tourist attraction recommendations
-Take public transit instead of Taxis
-Meet people (I happened to meet my boyfriend during this solo trip)
-Feel safe to walk anywhere at anytime of night. It is VERY safe.
-Pack only light clothing. Singapore is 1 degree off of the equator which means very hot and humid weather everyday of the year.

-Spend more than a few days here. Less than a week is all you need to see the main attractions.
-Take a taxi. Singapore is small, might as well walk as much as possible.
-Bring or do drugs. (duh). It's a death penalty.
-Not wearing sunscreen. The sun is very hot here.

This was an amazing trip and if you want to watch my vlogs about it, then please make sure you thumbs up the videos! Have a great day and happy travels! :)

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