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Travel Guide: Vietnam

by - 11:30 AM

Travel Guide: 

Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing place to go to if you want beautiful scenery and and amazing food. The hazy skies over Ha Long Bay is a sight you won't want to miss...


The food alone is enough of a reason to come visit Vietnam. Especially the Pho.


When in Ho Chi Minh, you have to go to the Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, and the local restaurants/bars. My boyfriend and I found this cute park too that will always be one of our most favorite spots :)


Going on an overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay is an experience you don't want to miss. We kayaked, sighted some caves, and even experienced a very peaceful rainstorm in the morning when we woke up.


Something that I will always remember about Vietnam is how nice the people are. The people that we have came across we always really friendly towards tourists and weren't pushy. They take pride in their hospitality. I mean just look at that watermelon our hotel chef carved. Amazing!

I hope to visit Vietnam again in the future. Lots of wonderful memories here.
Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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