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Best Places To Eat in SLC

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I have lived in UT for over 5 years now so I've had quite a bit of time to explore and discover some of my most favorite places to eat at! So here is my list (in no particular order)...

Type: Mexican
Pretty much everything is amazing here. But you HAVE to get the guacamole! They make it right in front of you too. Best guac of my life.

Type: Vegan Vietnamese
Everything is vegan here. They have fake "beef", "chicken", and even "shrimp"! If I were vegan, I would basically live there.

Type: Mexican
Their salads are bomb and I pretty much go here at least a couple times a month. I haven't met a single person that doesn't love it.

Type: Korean Food Truck
I typically go to the food trucks on Thursdays at Daybreak Lake in South Jordan to explore the different food trucks and what they have to offer. My favorite has to be Cup Bop and pretty much any of the rice bowls are amazing. (The pizza on the left is not mine! My friend came with me and it's her's!)

Type: Cafe/Bakery
This place is amazing for every meal. But if you are here for dinner or lunch then I highly recommend a chai tea latte and their pizzas!

Type: American
I have only had their salads here but it's amazing every time I try a new one! Just pick one and I promise you that you will LOVE it!

Type: Bakery
This place reminds me of a European bakery with hands down amazing everything. I have been here dozens of times and I haven't been disappointed with anything. This is a great place to go for a midnight snack too :) Trust me I know.

Type: Greek
My favorite place to get greek food in SLC is at this fast food chain. Warning, the lemon rice is really addicting. But if you want a healthier and low carb meal then just order the salad with the chicken kebab like shown in this picture.

Type: American Diner
If you want the classic American Diner experience with fries, burgers, milkshakes, and jukeboxes then I highly recommend this place.

Type: Vegan
This restaurant focuses a lot on being local, raw, organic, and natural. So no fake "chicken" here! But you will leave feeling energized and clean after eating some nutritious food.

Type: Pizza
Blackberries and lemon slices on pizza?! Yup and it's amazing.

Type: American/Burgers
Hands down the BEST place in the world to get fry sauce. What's fry sauce? A special sauce typically made with ketchup and mayo that only Utahns know about. But Red Robin has waaaay more ingredients in their fry sauce. That's what makes it more delicious and special.

Type: Asian Fusion
I am not a huge fan of seafood so I only eat vegetarian sushi but it is hard to find tasty ones that are! This place has the best vegetarian sushi ever. They actually add may more ingredients than just cucumbers or avocados.

Type: Mediterranean
The kebabs here are my favorite thing to get here. The drinks are unique as well and compliment the meal nicely.

Type: Sushi
What's a Sushi Burrito? A giant sushi roll that is the size of a burrito. Just try it. My favorite one is the vegetarian one!

Type: Pizza
My most favorite pizza place ever. Before I went on a dairy free diet, I would ALWAYS order "The Wise Guy". It has a balsamic vinegar glaze, chicken, artichoke hearts, ect. But now they offer dairy free cheese and I just get a regular pizza with that instead now.

Type: Fine Dining/Buffet
The food is actually pretty good and worth what you pay for. But the best part about this place is this amazing view of the city and the SLC Temple.

Type: Ramen
After going to Southeast Asia twice this year, sometimes I have a ramen craving. It took me a few tries to finally find a ramen place that I really love.

Have you been to any of these places? What are some of your most favorite restaurants in SLC that are not on this list? Let me know in the comments down below!

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