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Travel Guide: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

by - 6:00 AM

Travel Guide: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I currently live in Utah but my long distance boyfriend flew from Singapore to come visit me here. It was fun playing tourist in my own city :) Here are some of the things that we did and saw.

Temple Square

The #1 tourist attraction in Utah. It's a beautiful temple built by mormons and it is a place they go to pray.

The Pie Pizzeria

I recently went on a dairy-free diet but thank goodness my most favorite pizza place on this planet offers dairy free cheese!

The UP House

Someone built this house to look like the one in Pixar's UP Movie. It is so colorful and fun to look at!

Cafe Rio

Can't go to Utah without eating some amazing Mexican food here. The sweet pork salad is my favorite :)

Downtown SLC

Downtown SLC has a shopping mall called City Creek Mall, lots of shops, restaurants, and home to a lot of iconic mormon buildings.

 The Cheesecake Factory

I had to take James here to try their cheesecake. He got the Oreo one (my favorite!)

Capitol Hill

This is the easiest spot to find to get a nice view of the valley. I took James here so we could enjoy the view.

A big thanks to James for coming to visit me all the way from Singapore so we can make these kinds of memories together. What a sweetheart he is :)

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