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2 Days in San Francisco

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2 Days in San Francisco, California, USA

Spending 2 days in SF and need a travel guide that has the main things to see but without feeling like you're rushed? Well then this is the perfect guide for you! James and I are very different when it comes to our travel paces. For example, James liked to fit in as many sight spots and activities in a short amount as possible but I am the opposite. I like to take my time to enjoy the scenery, take some time to take photos and videos, walk everywhere, ect. James and I found a middle ground where we can enjoy the main and important attractions in San Francisco while still feeling like we have room to breathe.


Go to Philz Coffee

Try the Mint Mojito! It's one of their most popular drinks with a unique and minty taste. And yes, there is coffee! Shocking I know.

Explore the streets of Chinatown

Whether you are here for Dim Sum, cheap souvenirs, or the unique street architecture, this is a fun place to hang out and window shop. The little trinkets are just adorable and this is a GREAT place to get an extra battery pack for your camera like I had to do. Make sure to always negotiate a lower price. Act like you have nothing to lose and never be afraid to walk away.

Walk the Streets of the Financial District and the Embarcadero

Here is where all of the most world famous startups are located. For web developers like James and I, this is kind of an exciting and big deal for us. This is usually where all of the trendy and viral restaurants are with unique names and dining styles. The Embarcadero is nearby as well so might as well take a scenic stroll by the clock tower. Come grab lunch here and maybe you might run into the CEO of a successful startup. (Joking! But James and I were kind of hoping it would happen.)

Get Dinner at The Fisherman's Wharf

Come get amazing Clam Chowder in dozens of restaurants at The Wharf! I don't eat seafood so we didn't get any but we still got dinner here anyways. This is a really great spot to watch the sunset as well.

DAY 2: 

Get Brunch at Jane

Brunch is always a good idea. We met up with one of my best friend's, Kathleen who goes to University in the city! It was so good catching up with her as well as enjoy the amazing food. I got a quinoa bowl with a soy green tea latte. YUM!

Walk around Nob Hill

The buildings here are sooo colorful! I just love to walk around and admire the beauty of the homes located here. I wish it weren't so expensive to live here, otherwise I would move here in a heartbeat.

Visit Painted Ladies

I'm not a huge fan of super touristy things especially since I have been to SF so many times in the last few years but this is a must if you're going to SF for the first time. Alamo Square is right across the street and if you just walk to the top of the hill, you can see the tops of all of the homes nearby as well as a good portion of the city. There aren't too many places for lunch around here and we were still full from our late brunch so we decided to have an early dinner later on in the day instead.

Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge

James and I wanted to burn off some calories so we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was really cold and windy though but the view was worth it. It also makes for some amazing photo opportunities if you just go to the northwest side. It takes about 15 minutes to walk across.

 Lands End

After getting dinner we walked for about 30 minutes to get here. It is a unique rock formation that also has an amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge. We had to walk back for another 20-30 min before we could get an Uber back to our Airbnb.

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