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A Weekend Travel Guide to Seattle, Washington, USA

by - 4:49 AM

Weekend Travel Guide: Seattle, WA

My boyfriend and I went on a weekend escape to one of the greatest cities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Seattle.

Pike Place Market

This a great place to go to get fresh flowers, fresh fish, visit the orginal starbucks, and buy unique souveniers. You can even find odd things such as salsa to bring back home!

Fresh Flower Market at Pike Place

I have a soft spot for flowers. Especially if they're only $5 per bouquet.

The Original Starbucks

It is also located at Pike Place Market. We didn't get a coffee there because the long line wasn't worth the time for us but if you have more patience than us then you totally should try it.

Cherry Street Coffee

Come here for the bagels and lattes! They even had dairy alternatives for creamer.

Gum Wall

Kind of cool, kind of gross but it's a fun tourist spot! If you happen to be chewing gum, feel free to stick it on the wall to mark that you were there.

The Space Needle

Go to the top to get a nice 360º view of Seattle. My favorite side is the one where you can see downtown Seattle.

Sizzle Pie

Being lactose intolerant and on a strict no dairy diet I typically try to find a good Vegan restaurant. Seattle, especially Capitol Hill, is known for having a good amount of Vegan restaurants to pick from. Sizzle Pie is not all vegan but they have plenty of options that are! I got myself a couple of slices along with vegan cheesecake for dessert. There was also a live DJ on site playing literally playing synchronized static with a beat. I love how weird Seattle is sometimes.

Brunch at Oddfellows

Come get a delicious brunch here with a latte or mimosa (or both like we did!)

Kerry Park

Watch the sunset here because this is an amazing spot to get a skyline of downtown Seattle. We underestimated how chilly it gets at night so make sure you bring a sweater!

Seattle was so fun and we wish we could have stayed longer! Thanks for stopping by!

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