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Best Grand Canyon Sights + Lookout Points

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Grandview Point

Being the most grand view of the Grand canyon, this is a must-see sight. From here you can see Rama Shrine, Krishna Shrine, Vishnu Shrine, Shiva Temple, and a small part of the Colorado River.

Mather Point

We got lucky an happened to see a beautiful rainbow right as the sunset started. It was a unique and breathtaking experience.

Yavapai Point

The best place to watch the sunrise is at Yavapai point. You can get there by car and then it is a short 2 minute walk from the parking lot. Sit down and enjoy the view!

Hopi Point

This is a great lookout point to see more of the Colorado River and vegetation on the rocks. The rock I am sitting on isn't actually on a cliff. It's just an illusion. You can find this on Hermit Road.

Mojave Point

Another point on Hermit Road, this is more of a closed off view but the detail in the rocks are incredible. You can see more of the Colorado River at this viewpoint too. James and I walk most of Hermit Road so we can enjoy the views more between the different lookout points

The Abyss

Our favorite viewpoint on Hermit Road. We were recommended to go here by the tour guide and ended up walking here from Hopi Point. It was a long walk but this view at the end was well worth it.

 Mather Campground

Although this is not a lookout point, we recommend camping here during your stay at the Grand Canyon. The location is great and has easy access to the various lookout points along the South Rim. This campground has garbage bins, working bathrooms, semi private camp spaces, a parking space, a fire pit, and a picnic table. It was easy to set up a reservation through their website. Make sure to book it months in advance since spaces do fill up.

Horseshoe Bend

Although this is not at the Grand Canyon, it is nearby. It is located in Page, Arizona and it's a very convenient hike. Just bring sunscreen and lots of water since the sun is pretty harsh!
Definitley worth the stop for this amazing and unique view.

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