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Romantic Weekend Getaway Guide to Las Vegas

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Romantic Weekend Getaway Guide to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

My boyfriend and I went on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas. This city has the reputation to be known as a party city but I would argue otherwise. There is a lot to do there for families and couples that don't always involve gambling and alcohol. James and I kept things pretty low key since we are not the crazy party type but we still had so much fun!

Driving down The Strip is always one of my highlights. It's a fun way to see all of the hotels and observe them as you drive past them. Las Vegas has some pretty unique resorts which you can go inside for free.

Our hotel room at The Mirage Casino & Resort. We loved the design and the pop of color.

The pool at The Mirage is really big with palm trees and waterfalls. This is a great place to relax and sunbathe with your sweetheart.

James and I maybe only wasted a few dollars at the penny slots. We just did it for the experience (and the free drinks!!) Just make sure you tip the baristas since that is how they make their money. We wanted the true Vegas experience.

I personally love the Forum Shops Mall because it has everything from affordable to high end fashion. This a good place to go shopping as a couple even if one of you isn't into shopping because the architecture is fun to look at as well.

Walking around the strip at night is a whole different world than during the day. The eiffel tower at The Paris Hotel is quite the romantic view.

The Bellagio Fountain show is a really romantic spot to spend time with your significant other. The pretty water show, the beautiful music, and the lovely view makes for a fun (and free) date.

Freemont Experience Street is a good place to grab some food and a drink. There any many different options to pick from and if you wanted to, you could enjoy a champagne toast on the High Roller which is the world's largest Ferris Wheel. The view from up there is just amazing.

Need an emergency cupcake? Then stop by the Cupcake ATM to fulfill your sweet tooth.

The Conservatory at The Bellagio always has a beautifully themed flower garden display. We loved the smell of the fresh flowers.

The Chandelier Bar at The Cosmopolitan Hotel is a classy place to have a cocktail. The lounge chairs are comfortable and it's slightly quieter than all of the nearby bars. A great place to spend some quality time with your lover. I mean who doesn't want a fancy cocktail inside of a giant chandelier?

Take a limo ride. What a better way to get to your next destination than to go in style and class? Vegas is the perfect place for one.

Hope you enjoyed my guide! Thanks for reading!

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