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Wedding in Las Vegas

by - 6:00 AM

Wedding in Las Vegas

I was lucky enough to attend my mom and step dad's wedding in Las Vegas. It was a great time getting together with all of our loved ones. My boyfriend flew all the way from Singapore to witness this special day. It was a unique kind of wedding and it will be one that will be always remembered.

Started off the day with some Starbies ;)

My beautiful mother getting ready for the big day.

Limo ride from the hotel to the chapel.

My brother and I.

My mother and I laughing really hard about something. You can tell that we are really excited.

The bride and groom walking through the casino.

The rings.

Walking through the streets of the Las Vegas Strip.

The bride and groom felt like superstars walking around Vegas.

Just married!

My cute parents :)

Beautiful bride

They love to dance. I remember when they first started dating and they would put on Frank Sinatra and slow dance in the kitchen.

Such a happy couple.

Cake cutting at the reception.

Such an amazing and memorable day this was. I am so happy that my mom found someone that she deserves. They are one of the happiest couples alive and proof that it is never too late to find true love in your life.

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