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Girls Weekend Guide in Salt Lake City

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Girls Weekend Guide in Salt Lake City

My friend Kathleen ( from Northern California came out and visited me in Salt Lake City to visit and have a girls' weekend! What a fun few days it has been. Thanks to Kathleen for coming out here!

Celebrated the night of her arrival with a slumber party. Face masks, pj's, and wine.

The next day...

The next morning we got ready for the day to go to a tea party, do some shopping, sight see in downtown SLC, and get cocktails.
We have very similar taste in fashion and we even have the same coat from Kate Spade!!! We love the giant bows on them!

Afternoon Tea at The Grand America Hotel

Finger foods at the Grand America Hotel. I am on a strict no-dairy diet so they created a custom plate just for me that has absolutely no dairy! I called in advance but they forgot to tell their chefs ahead of time and it took them a couple of hours to prepare something for me and because of that they ended up giving me the whole thing for free.

I had some sort of white tea that tasted fruity and floral.

Kathleen had a strong tasting hibiscus black tea.

The hotel where the High Tea is located.

Wandering around the courtyard with our similar outfits.

Cocktails at Whiskey Street in downtown SLC.

The next day...

I wanted to show Kathleen how beautiful Utah really is. So we went on a day trip to the mountains and Park City. We were expecting lots of autumn trees but ended up seeing more snow! Snow in September?! What?! We finished off the night at a classic all american diner to eat some good burgers.

A lovely scenic drive to Park City.

Main Street Park City.

My outfit- Burberry Scarf, Michael Kors Trench Coat, Tory Burch Robison Tote, Tory Burch Black Riding Boots, Black Jeans from TJ Maxx

Pumpkin Spice (soy) Latte!

Guardsman Pass. If you want a truly scenic drive then this is a must!

Couldn't believe the mix of autumn and winter in one spot.


Winter & Autumn OOTD

Winter Wonderland.

Besties :)

Being from California, this girl was really happy to see snow.

Got dinner at this adorable diner.

Thanks so much for visiting Kathleen!
Maybe now she should visit me in Singapore?
Thanks for reading!

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