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Singapore Apartment Tour

by - 6:28 AM

Singapore Apartment Tour

Hi guys! So I just recently moved to Singapore and wanted to show you how our apartment looks like. We aren't sure how long we will be living here for but we will enjoy every day while we can!

The Bedroom

Our room is quite small but we live in a big city so we have to get creative with our space. We live in a condominium complex with thousands of people living in the towers. We are in a two bedroom apartment and we share the common space (living room, kitchen, patio, etc) with one other person. It's a very spacious condo for Singapore.

 The Reading Nook

Right at the entry way there is a cute little reading nook with large windows and a little place to sit at. It rains a lot here in Singapore so sitting here with a good book is one of my most favorite things to do.

The Bathroom

Our bathroom has a lot of cute vintage inspired decor and my favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte soap.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen is quite large for Singapore and have plenty of space to cook. I love the gas stove top for preparing delicious dinners.

The Dining Room

I brought Thanksgiving to Singapore from America because I've never gone a year without celebrating it. Since James is from New Zealand, I thought this would be a fun experience to share with him.

The Living Area

We have a lot of Netflix marathons here in the evenings and it's a fun hang out place for when we want to entertain.

The Patio

We often eat dinner here and use this space to entertain with drinks. The view is amazing especially at night.

Can't wait to make many more memories in our first place together!

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