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Where to eat in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has a lot of special types of food that you can only find here so it is worth the travel if you LOVE FOOD!!! I mean who doesn't love food? Read this post to find out how to eat your way through this city!

Luk Yu Restaurant - Central

Get an amazing Hong Kong authentic meal from Luk Yu - Central! Make sure to get the pork dumplings and Egg Tart. One of the best Dim Sum I've ever had.

Tofu Pudding at The Peak

I eat mostly a plant based diet so I often times say no to dessert because it has dairy 90% of the time. But a lot of Hong Kong dessert traditionally contains NO dairy! This dessert shop is inside the mall that is next to The Peak viewing area and right underneath Burger King. To the left of my photo I got a tofu pudding with strawberries and to the right I got green tea mochi. I am now addicted to these and crave these all the time. This is a MUST if you are at the Peak already!

Portugese Egg Tarts

Portuguese egg tarts are a yummy treat that you can get anywhere in Hong Kong. Make sure to stand at the stall with the longest line. There's always a reason why it's so popular. 

Street Food

I let my 90% vegan diet go while I was here because I just had to try the flavored pork jerky that was everywhere and the Chinese cookies. I tried some green tea egg rolls that were so good! I was tempted to buy a box but my diet was begging me not to so I didn't.

Eat cute Dim Sum at Yum Cha - Central

Get the cutest dim sum ever at this restaurant. My favorite ones were the sweet bbq pork pau that looked like little piggies. I almost didn't want to eat them because they were so cute! We went to the one in central and stuffed our faces. We actually arrived 2 minutes after the kitchen closed but after asking nicely they let us make an order if we hurried. I'm so grateful because I really really wanted to go here and they went out of their way so we could have a great experience. Funny story: So James just wanted to order an "iced water" as a drink but they didn't understand what we were saying and very confused with our request so they gave us a pot of boiling water and ice cubes and we both broke out in laughter when we saw what they did!

Hong Kong Desserts at Auntie Sweets

Go dessert hopping in Tin Hau. So many amazing desserts that I am now addicted to in this area. Come here very hungry and be prepared to try a lot of things! My personal favorite was the sesame glutinous rice balls in ginger sweet soup and the peanut butter chocolate glutinous rice balls in soy milk soup. It is nothing like I've ever had before and very very tasty! The place photographed is called Auntie Sweet- Tin Hau.

Get Sunday Brunch at Super Star Seafood Restaurant

 I swear we weren't just eating dumplings and Dim Sum the whole time while we were in HK. We've also had a lot of noodles, curries, soups, etc but Dim Sum is cuter to photograph so that's why I have so many photos of just Dim Sum and nothing else hahaha! Anyways, our friends Branda + Leon who are HK locals told us that it is common on a Sunday morning to come with your family to a Dim Sum place and just spend many hours eating food there. We saw a lot of families and children there eating food, laughing, and eating more food! They took us to another place with very cute food that is not only adorable but delicious! This place is called Super Star restaurant- Wan Jai.

Hope this post helped you for your upcoming trip to Hong Kong!
Thanks for reading!

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