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Halloween Apartment Tour In Singapore

by - 6:00 AM

I decorated my loft again! No surprise there. But this time for HALLOWEEN! Yes, Halloween is celebrated here in Singapore and it's surprisingly easy to get ahold of some cute decorations! All I did was add a few more pumpkins and spooky pieces from my existing Autumn Apartment Tour Blog Post.

The pumpkins, twig decor, and "HALLOWEEN" garland are all from Daiso which is a Japanese store where everything is $2 each!

I usually feel like this area lacks decor but luckily this tinsel pumpkin garland from Daiso fit perfectly around the frame of my TV and the hanging pumpkin lights I found on were the perfect fit!

I got creative with a more neutral color scheme and added pops of orange without being too overbearing. The key here is to look like you didn't buy a bunch of cheesy decorations from the dollar store and call it good.

I didn't change anything here expect adding another leftover pumpkin.

I wanted to keep it simple here because once it starts to look cluttered, it takes attention away from the design.

Since everything gets wet and knocked over in the bathroom, I kept it simple with a couple of pumpkins...

... and a touch of color with a rose gold skull!

I didn't change the upstairs loft area besides hanging up this halloween themed garland.

I am reusing a halloween pillow from last year but I am not sure if I like it. I am keeping it for now until I find something better.

Last but not least, the kitchen area was a hard one to figure out because usually I can't hang anything or put anything on the counters. The pumpkins on the left thankfully don't take up too much room and the hanging pumpkin garland is not only the perfect size but also makes the kitchen decor complete.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope this inspired you to decorate your space for Halloween!

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