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What it was like to see my family again after moving out of the country

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14 months since I’ve been back in America and it was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to go through so far. It’s honestly not easy leaving everything behind including my home, friends, family, opportunities, and everything I’ve lnown. I loved growing up in the USA but I’ve always wanted to live abroad. After I lost my job (due to sexism and manipulation) I had 2 options. Start over where I was or join my boyfriend in Singapore and pursue my dream of making videos on YouTube and travel all around Southeast Asia. It was obvious which was the more exciting answer.

I didn’t give my family much of a warning that I was leaving and moving to Singapore. It kind of took everyone by surprise because it was such a scary crazy thing to do! What was I going to do there? Will I find a job in Singapore? Will James and I get married? Am I giving up everything for a boy I hardly knew? You can view the situation however you want but literally all of the stars were lining for me to make it possible. I had a free one way flight, a decent amount of savings to last me until I figured something out, an opportunity to be with someone that I really love, and to experience new things in life in ANOTHER COUNTRY! It would be silly of me to not take this chance don’t you think? Chances like these just don’t come by easily. Making decisions is hard but in the end it’s ALWAYS worth it!

When I landed in Salt Lake City after what felt like forever, I was happily greeted and overwhelmed with emotions as a saw my family waiting for me by the baggage claim with a HUGE sign saying “Welcome Back To The USA!” I couldn’t believe that I was home! The first thing I did was hug everyone and happy cry like a crazy person. It was such a strange feeling to be home but come back a completely different person. So much has changed, everyone else’s lives have changed, but my relationships with others were still the same. It’s nice knowing that no matter how much time passes by, the relationship with my friends and family never change. One of my biggest fears that I’ve had about leaving my dog with my mom is that she would forget me. I know that’s irrational since dogs have a pretty strong memory especially when it comes to our unique scents but it’s something I still worried about anyways. Fortunately my dog, Mocha remembered me and went crazy when I walked through the door.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I never left Utah. I think life would be less scary and stressful but at least the life I chose to pursue now gave me experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to go through if it weren’t for me leaving. Coming back home made me realize there’s no place like home and is important to keep the relationships strong with the ones who matter! The biggest lesson I’ve also learned is that waiting 14 months to go home without any good reason is a huge mistake. And visiting for a month and a half is waaay too long I mean I was starting to get so bored and I think other people were too HAHA. So I’ll try to visit more frequently but for shorter periods of time. I never text or call anyone anymore. I get worried if people will have time, if it’s still a normal thing to do, or if it’s just easier to stalk their social media to see what they’re up to. For now on I’m going to make more of an effort to reach out to others and maybe even video chat with them more often! Here’s to hoping that I come home again soon!

Thanks for reading my really spontaneous blog post I wrote on a long train ride. It got me thinking deeply about life. Do any of you live abroad as well and can relate? Let me know!

With love always,

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