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Trick Eye Museum in Singapore: Experience + Review (how to get discounted tickets!)

by - 12:49 AM

Today I got the chance to go and visit the Trick Eye Museum on Sentosa island! It's always something I have walked past on my way into Sentosa, and finally after two years I did it!

The Trick Eye Museum is Singapore's first 3D art museum that has successfully integrated Augmented Reality technology into the trick art experience. Visitors who download the app will be able to experience AR on top of taking photos with an optical illusion effect.

It opens at 10am, which is the time we went, and there were only a couple of other people there, so we got to take all the time we wanted to enjoy the exhibits.The Museum has an iOS and Android app that you download and use to interact with the art (Don't worry they have free wifi and all the information to download it at the entry point)

The Trick Eye Museum is a great place for families, couples and friends to spend a quality afternoon together, taking photos, having fun and making memories.

After downloading the app at the museum, we used the built in camera in our phones to toggle the augmented reality feature as we walked around the museum. It’s a fun and interactive way to learn about this type of technology and how it works!

Optical illusions play a trick on the eye. This one was probably my favorite. Is the rubix cube huge or am I tiny?

My boyfriend, James came too and had a little too much fun. He scared me into thinking he was the painting on the wall! Nice pose, James.

Different rooms have different themes, for example when you walk into this one it appears that there is a waterfall in the centre and really makes you do a double take

I have a YouTube video displaying the augmented reality effects the museum had. If you’d like to watch it then please follow this link here or just hit play below.

I got my tickets from Klook which offers the Trick Eye Museum (and other activities in Singapore) at a cheaper rate than the walk-in price, usually saving at least 20%. In this case an adult ticket is $18 instead of $25!

If you click on my link and use coupon code NDP2018 on the mobile app you will save an additional S$10! (Must use by end of 2018)

See you next time!


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